Articulated College立彩彩票网平台 Credit

What it means to you

Why explore opportunities through Articulated College立彩彩票网平台 Credit (ACC)?

Because Articulated College立彩彩票网平台 Credit (ACC) means:

  • Earn Technical or Community college credits (Articulated College立彩彩票网平台 Credit) in 10, 11, 12 grades
  • Stay in your own high 立彩彩票网平台 with your friends and the teachers you already know
  • Explore career opportunities through high 立彩彩票网平台 courses
  • Complete your college program sooner, save time and money
  • Choose a specific Technical or Community College立彩彩票网平台 career program or a major that may lead to transfer options to a university

For more information check with your high 立彩彩票网平台 guidance office.

How do I get Articulated College立彩彩票网平台 Credit (ACC)?

What do I do with the Articulated College立彩彩票网平台 Credit?

  • Download your Articulated College立彩彩票网平台 Credit record at any time after you have completed your high 立彩彩票网平台 ACC course.
  • Bring the ACC record to one of the colleges listed and enroll in a career program or major.
  • Check with the college records office as they may have a procedure to follow.

Where can I use the credit?

  • Bring your printed ACC record when registering at a college listed on your certificate to receive the credit(s) earned. Other colleges MAY honor the credits.
  • You must always check with the college or university of your choice for specific criteria in a program or major — not all credits will move into all programs or majors.

Who is part of CTECreditMN — is my high 立彩彩票网平台 involved?

There are many Career and Technical Consortia across Minnesota. A consortium is a group of high 立彩彩票网平台s and colleges who work together to provide students a link from high 立彩彩票网平台 to college. Visit the Schools/Courses page to see what high 立彩彩票网平台s offer ACC.